Discover one of the largest cave in the Cevennes !

Dazzled you cross the corridor in Wonderland wich will lead you as if by magic Lake until Midnight !

One of the most magical places in the cave where water and time it worked wonders, by offering a clear water lake wich evokes that of distant lagoons.

Throughout your journey you will meet often these formations called gur, dens crystallizations of great finesse, that children confuse with diamonds.

If you look up you admire that majestic drapery-like butterfly which seems to take flight !

In Trabuc water is ubiquitous, it is the symbol of the cave alive !

You make the first steps misterious in this room, that has always intrigued specialists the underworld.

Standing as a boundary before an army ready to go on the attack, Great Wall winds through this beautiful room full of mistery.

Trabuc, your relaxing break in the heart of the Cevennes !

Family visit one of the most beautiful cavity Cevennes and the mesa discover one of the few caves alive

Welcome to Trabuc !
Discover the mystery of the cave
with 100 000 soldiers.